“My 3 year old son took Miss Angela’s ballet class. He is generally very hesitant to join group activities, but adored Miss Angela and ballet is his favorite class. Our biggest surprise was the end of semester performance. With Miss Angela’s patient and gentle teaching, he absolutely nailed the routine in a packed auditorium! I believe Miss Angela has taught him a joy of performance that will help overcome his natural shyness throughout life.”
— Vanessa C.

“My children love all the creative and cute moves, and they are really excited
to perform the finished dance.”
— Leslie C.

“I have danced many years in my youth and after having taken a 15 year hiatus and had 2 kids (now 3) later, I thought dancing would be a great way to get back in shape while doing something that I love.  Angela was the perfect person to get me back to the reason why I love to dance.  Her classes are technique focused and challenging for the mind and the body…I leave her classes sweaty and excited to come to the next. These are some of the many reasons why I love taking her class, as well as why my daughter has loved taking classes from her.  I cannot recommend her enough!”
— Michelle H.

“Angela is an excellent teacher. She’s very supportive and encouraging and devotes a lot of one-on-one attention to each student. Her adult classes are challenging but not too difficult, and she structures them in a way that enables you to steadily develop strength, form, and grace.”
— Marinell J.

“Our girls love learning ballet from Ms. Angela. She made their ballet lessons  a fun and enjoyable experience from learning the intricacy of ballet fundamentals to advance techniques.”
— Tam N.

“Starting as beginner with no experience in ballet, I slowly improved this past year with Angela’s knowledge and patience.  Her attention to detail and free environment has provides me with a sense of enjoyment.  Although I may not be an active and flexible young lady, Angela still corrects me on the most meticulous things as if I were still in my youth.  Her passion to teach is what keeps me coming back.”
— Vivian T.

“Ms. Angela has been my daughter’s formative ballet teacher, inspiration,
and role model since her first classes. She, like many of her classmates, aspires to the
high standards she sets forth and we are so very grateful for it. Ms. Angela’s many reminders
are ingrained in her vocabulary and I just know, years from now, she will hear her voice and words in her head when she needs to find her center.”
— Lorraine V.

Photo: Chinese Dance Workshop

Chinese Dance Workshop with Ms. Angela. Spring 2012

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